What is a Gyro machine?

A Gyros machine grills meats on a rotating Stainless Steel Shaft, cooking vertically, and is used to produce meat for Doner Kebab, gyro sandwiches, Shawarma and platters. Gyro doner is usually a meat product consisting of a flavorful beef and  chicken, or sometimes lamb combination. Gyro sandwiches are made with this doner, usually with lettuce, tomato and onion, and a creamy sauce known as tzatziki, wrapped in pita bread. Gyro Machines are The Industry Standard For Preparing, Cooking And Serving Meat For Gyros. Contact us by Whatsapp or Viber: +86-180 5857 3623

In order to make a great Gyros sandwich, you need the right gyro equipment.

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Customer Review

Machine Works Fine.This item is working great we have had 2 big family get together and the gyros machine works great.. Everyone thinks its cool to cut there own meat of the machine 
Bill Balsamico from N. Versailles, PA United States
Great size to use in home & party.We were looking for a vertical gyro rotisserie to use to make tacos al pastor at home & for dinner parties. This is a great size for that. Holds 10lbs of meat & fits nicely on a table top or counter. Industrial quality.
Annie from Pearland, TX United States

How to Cooking Gyro Doner

A gyro is a sandwich filled with shaved meat, which is usually beef but can also be chicken, lamb or pork. Place meat in cone unit. Cook until surface is well done and slice. Continue to cook and slice without interruption until entire meat cone is consumed. At the end of each cone, drip pan must be emptied and skewer, shovel, and knife must be washed, rinsed and sanitized. The most critical step in the prevention of cross contamination is to wash hands before and after handling the raw product. Gyro Machines range in capacities from 10 lbs to 65 lbs, sure to suit the needs of any volume of  Doner gyro Kebab sales.

These Gyro Cookers will be able to cook your meat properly.

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What kinds of Gyro machines are there?

Gyro machines are available in either electric or gas designs. Generally, gas models (Propane Gas, LPG, NG) use actual flames to cook the meat whereas electric models use a heating Element, much similar to a Oven.The Gyro Cooker are designed to accommodate different amounts of meat, according to the volume of the restaurant serving them. Including mini Shawarma machine, Two burners, Three burners and four burners gyro rotisserie. you also can find more Shawarma Machine Details.

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