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Electric Gyro Knife: Faster, Easier and Consistent Preparation

Gyros Sandwiches, Shawarma, or Donner Kabobs

Gyro Knife cuts longer, thinner slices for a better looking sandwich. The Whizard Gyro Knife is designed to reduce muscle fatigue, enable quick slicing and increase productivity from employees. Compare Bettcher’s Whizard Gyro Knife to a regular straight knife. You’ll find you can obtain an average of 25 additional sandwiches per cone.

Delight your customers with a gyro sandwich that looks great…and makes your bottom line look even better!

Designed for Safety and Comfort

The Whizard Gyro Knife is engineered to reduce muscle fatigue. A safety shut-off feature minimizes the risk of injury. Sharpening and cleaning are fast and easy, too.

Simple, Virtually Effortless Operation

  • New employees quickly learn how to slice with the gyro knife.  That adds up to more productivity … and faster service for customers.
  • Adjustable depth gauge controlling overall quality, consistency and slice thickness is easier and far more accurate than using an ordinary straight knife. You decide the thickness, and Gyro Knife does the rest.

Now anybody can slice gyro cones like a professional! The Super Gyros Knife is offered in two different models; Plastic and Metal which were made for the operator to easily slice, just like using a deli meat slicer. It is a very simple and easy to clean knife, All new knives come with an extra blade

Now Anybody Can Slice Gyro Cones Like a Professional

  • No tools needed to adjust slice thickness
  • Easy to slice (just like a deli meat slicer)
  • Consistent slices every time
  • Easy to control portion, reducing waste
  • Blade guard protects you from harm
  • Simple and easy to clean: the washable part of the knife twists off

Rotating blade can be resharpened with sharpening stones.

To activate the Super Gyros Knife, press the button with your pinky:  As soon as you take your pinky off the button, the Gyros Knife shuts off for safety.

making gyro cones easy to slice, and consistently slices each time

The electric knife is great for gyros, shawarma, doner kebab, tacos al pastor.  Some other features:

  • more sandwiches per cone
  • same thickness every time
  • Safe and easy handling
  • easy to clean
  • easy slice thickness control
  • very quiet
  • faster customer service
  • blade needs to be sharpened only once a day(no disassembly needed)
  • increase in profit of up to 20%

We provide One Year Warranty.

Service and repair for all slicers is available even after warranty expires.


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